• A sonohysterogram is a specialized type of ultrasound examination primarily focused on a woman’s uterus and its lining. Ultrasound scanning uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the body. Ultrasound does not use ionizing radiation and does not involve x-ray exposure.

    The sonohysterogram is best performed one week after menstruation but before ovulation. Our office can accommodate you to fit your scheduling requests.

  • On the day of the exam, please wear loose and comfortable clothing. You will be asked to wear a gown during the procedure. Prior to the procedure, you may be given a mild over-the-counter medication to minimize any potential discomfort.

    Women should always inform their physicians and the technologist if there is any possibility of pregnancy.

  • The procedure is like a gynecological exam with you positioned on your back on the exam table and feet in stirrups. After reviewing an initial ultrasound, a speculum is then inserted which allows for a catheter (thin tube) to be inserted into the cervix. The speculum is removed and ultrasound probe is reinserted. Sterile saline then fills the uterine cavity. After the necessary images are obtained by the radiologist, the examination is complete. The examination is typically completed in about 30 minutes.

More Information About Sonohysterography